Kevin Fedewa, founder of Fedewa Custom Works, Inc. started building furniture for family and friends at age 12. He worked in lumber yards, home improvement centers and a cabinet and trim shop in Midland, Michigan where he built windows, doors and cabinets for a custom builder. In 1979 he decided to leave his home state of Michigan and move to Steamboat Springs.


Kevin started Fedewa Custom Works as a one man shop designing, building and installing his own cabinets. Fedewa Custom Works was incorporated in 1984 and over the years the company has evolved to meet the needs of the growing Yampa Valley.  As the company grew, Kevin realized it made more sense to make trim himself instead of selling someone else’s trim so Fedewa Millworks was born. Fedewa Millworks can create any profile a customer requests and we grind all of our own knives, and make our own moldings.  We pride ourselves on having the best quality trim in the valley while still being competitively priced with the big shops in Denver.

With a full service cabinet shop, finishing booth, millwork shop and design center, Fedewa Custom Works, Inc. has employed up to 21 full time employees.  What sets us apart from the rest is that we are truly a local business and professionals in every field, including cabinet and trim installation.  We are a one stop shop that can take care of all your cabinet, trim, doors and hardware needs.FedewaCustomWorksImage72

Our experience and products range from high end custom, multiple residential, tenant finishes to condo remodels. With our custom cabinet shop and our manufactured lines of cabinetry, we can meet any budget.

After forty years in the business, Kevin says, “I only venture into things I know and I know we can do well.”  When describing why customers should come to us, he said this, “we know what we’re doing from experience.  It’s all about giving the client value and a good experience to keep them coming back.” After twenty six years in the Yampa Valley, his reputation speaks for itself.